Welcome to the new website for the Central (Bristol) Charity Skittle League!

Team Front First and All In knock outs have been posted for 2017/18 round 1 updated 23/7/17

Any new team wishing to join the league for the 2017/18 season should contact Geoff Snook on 0117 9405527 or email geoffsnook@aol.com we have two vacancies that can be added up to the start of the season. 

All Finals and Semi finals for the team and individual KOs matches will take place at the Hartcliffe Inn. Matches will take place on weeks 35 and 36 were practical.

If you know any historical winners/runners up we are not showing please let geoffsnook@aol.com  have the details.

Historical details updated 16th May 2014

New Photo added November 1st 2014

Alley availability updated January 23rd 2015

Charity payments added June 6th 2016